An insight into the life of a dental student studying in London, and advice for students applying to study dentistry in the UK.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for stumbling onto my page. If you don’t know who I am, my name’s Omar, and I am a dental student studying at King’s College London. I’ve created this Substack page to document my journey as a dental student and, hopefully, a dentist in the future, and also provide useful tips, advice, and information to all those applying! I have been doing a very similar thing on my Instagram page @omar_dental_, and I thought it’s about time I start actually writing about these things too, as well as posting about them! Chances are if you're reading this you probably came from my Instagram!

Apart from this, I do a few other things on the side, being a tutor and mentor for a great company called I Want To Be A Dentist, which if you haven’t guessed, provides tuition, courses, resources, and mentoring for dental applicants. Alongside this, I’ve recently joined the committee of a charity organisation called SIMA, the Student Iraqi Medical Association, which aims to help all kinds of students get into medical and dental school, and also allows its members to meet each other from across the UK and essentially network and run charity events together, which I am super excited to be a part of! All of this while trying to, of course, exercise, balance out my life and stay healthy and happy throughout dental school, and enjoy these supposed “best years of my life”!

If you're STILL reading, then thank you and I hope you stick around and SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter for more content coming soon! If you have any suggestions as well then please let me know!!